Quit the Cubicle Bashing

“Find your passion. Life is about doing what you love.”

“Your twenties are for seeing the world and making mistakes and living and loving. You have the rest of your life to work.”

“We all need to focus on how we can help others. Saving the world is more important than money.”

“Corporate culture is about selling your soul to climb the ladder.”

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Creative Productivity

Pretty soon after starting work last June, I had an idea. I started working with a great team of people in a great company in a great position, but there was little-to-no existing training material available on my position. I learned everything through trial and error (with the help of the great team I work on) and eventually I became proficient. However, I knew that I could have become proficient much faster if there was some training material written down about my job. So, in a nutshell, I decided to write it down. Continue reading